Visual Identity Concepting
VI plan for opening a restaurant / Unified concept and store design / Logo mark production

Concept-based VI (visual identity)

店舗にとって、CI (コーポレート・アイデンティティ) 計画、VI (ビジュアル・アイデンティティ)計画はとても大切です。
外観や内装、看板、 店名、ロゴ、 パンフレット、 ホームページなどは、どんなお店なのかをお客さまの視覚に届ける事ができます。

※CIとは、Corporate Identityの略で、 企業の特徴や個性・ 理念などを、 体系だてて整理し、 簡潔に提示したもののことです。
※VIとは、Visual Identityの略で、そのお店に関する視覚に訴えるもの全般です。

Corporate identity (CI) planning and visual identity (VI) planning are very important for companies and stores in the restaurant and service industries.
The exterior, interior, signage, store name, logo, pamphlets, and website of a restaurant can visually convey to customers what kind of restaurant it is.

CI is an abbreviation for Corporate Identity. It is a systematic, organized, and concise presentation of a company's characteristics, individuality, and philosophy.
VI is an abbreviation for Visual Identity, and refers to anything that appeals to the visual sense of the store.

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Importance of Visual Design


例えば、店舗外観は高級レストランの雰囲気、 中に入ると大衆居酒屋。

大衆居酒屋であれば、 店内の雰囲気や出てくるメニューも親しみやすく賑やかな雰囲気にする必要があります。


The visuals of the store must be consistent in design.
Without a sense of consistency, customers will not get the correct image of the store.
For example,The exterior of the restaurant has the atmosphere of a high-end restaurant, but once inside, it is a popular izakaya (Japanese-style pub).
Customers may think, "This is not what I expected..." If the restaurant is a high-end restaurant, the atmosphere inside should be consistent.
If the restaurant is a fine dining restaurant, the atmosphere inside and the menu should have an upscale feel befitting a fine dining restaurant.
If it is a popular izakaya (Japanese-style pub), the atmosphere inside and the menu should be friendly and lively.

Conception can propose a consistent design based on your concept, from exterior and interior design to logo design and signage planning.
Please contact us for a consultation.

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Total production of consistent designs that communicate at a glance

どういうお店にしたい等、 それぞれのお店に想いがあるからこそ踏み切ったことだと思います。



When people think of opening a business, they don't just open a business for the sake of it.
I believe that each store has its own ideas about what kind of store it wants to be, and that is why they decide to open their own store.
It is these thoughts that make a store unique.
We listen carefully to the client's "philosophy" and "thoughts," and then create a concept plan while sorting out the discrepancy between the thoughts and the visuals of the store.
Conception will work with the client to discover the originality of the store's personality, and create a wonderful store with a sense of unity by incorporating a consistent concept from the management philosophy into the exterior and interior design, logo design, and signage planning.

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